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Thorlo Socks

Experience the difference with high-quality, padded Thorlo® Socks. We are proud to carry a large selection of Thorlo® Socks for Men and Women in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. We have Thorlo® socks for Running, Walking, Tennis and Hiking! All Thorlos® are made in the USA.

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Results 1-35 of 35

About Thorlo Socks


The Comfort Fit™ System
Think of your feet, your Thorlos® and your shoes as a system. Knowing what we know about the destructive forces on your feet, we recommend buying and wearing your Thorlos® and shoes together, as a Comfort Fit® system. This is the best way to get maximum comfort and protection for your feet. Once you try it, you’ll experience the difference better feeling feet can make everyday or when performance is critical.

Preventive Foot Health™
Foot pain is preventable. Thorlo® has proven this with published scientific medical research. Our consumers constantly tell us that with Thorlos® , their feet really do feel better, and that they are able to perform better, longer and safer when wearing Thorlos®.

Thorlos® are made with various performance fibers, including:

THORLON® Acrylic yarns are exclusively developed for our Thorlos® construction. “Trapped” perspiration in the shoe environment tends to “flatten” or crush down common acrylic yarns. THORLON® acrylics are specially spun to maintain both softness and resilience, which maximizes foot comfort, blister protection and product durability.

CoolMax® - Invista manufactures this fiber with a unique four-channeled cross section that produces a soft, cotton-like yarn with such superior moisture transport qualities that skin temperatures prove perceptibly cooler in comparison yarn testing. Thorlos® with CoolMax® provide excellent blister protection while keeping you comfortably cool.

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