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About Strive Footwear

Your feet aren't 2-dimensional, so why wear footwear with a flat footbed? Utilizing their extensive knowledge and experience all Strive footwear incorporates a podiatrist designed 'Biomechanical Footbed Technology', which re-designs a classic flat footbed to the natural 3-dimensional contours of your feet.

Comfort as Nature Intended

By this Strive means comfort that is not artificially created through the use of excessive cushioning. Instead, created through supporting the foot in the very position it is designed to be held in.

Helps Improve Posture and Reduce Harmful Stresses

Mapping the unique contours of your feet, Strive's footbed technology may help to improve posture and reduce harmful stresses placed upon your body and feet - a contributing factor associated with many common aches and pain.


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