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Smartwool Socks

SmartWool Socks

Quality is at the core of every decision SmartWool makes. From the materials they choose and the designs they create, to the manufacturers with which they partner, quality is their top priority.

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Smartwool Socks - the Ultimate in Comfort!

Inspired by the rugged outdoors and the need for comfortable knitwear, Smartwool has created socks that provide extraordinary comfort and performance. These products are made from high-quality Merino wool, which provide durability and comfort in every fiber. Smartwool socks come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, for men and women.

What Sets Smartwool Socks Apart?

It’s all about the wool. Smartwool socks are made from the wool of Merino sheep. These sheep are located in New Zealand, grown by farmers who are devoted to keeping the flocks healthy and use environmentally-friendly practices. Smartwool attempts to limit its impact on the environment throughout the manufacturing process, and ensures that all growers maintain high standards for the raising of their flocks.

Merino wool excels in moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet dry and comfortable. It helps keep your feet at the perfect temperature for comfort as well. High-quality wool also lasts longer against wear and tear.

Technological advances in sock design are also featured in Smartwool products. One of the most beneficial technologies is the WOW™ technology, which adds an additional layer of yarn in the high impact areas of the sock to give each sock up to 30% more durability. WOW™ technology also utilizes a reduced nylon content in the sock, which helps reduce moisture and control temperature more effectively.

Some men and women's Smartwool socks contain a supportive arch brace, which is a stretchy band in the arch area of the sock. It provides just a little extra support if you need it. It provides just a little extra support if you need it. There are even models with extra cushioning in the bottom for a bit more luxurious comfort.

Over 90% of all Smartwool men's socks and women's socks are created in the U.S.A. (Other countries include Canada, Korea, Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong.)


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