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Powerstep was founded by podiatrist, foot surgeon and runner, Dr. Les Appel in 1991. After analyzing thousands of custom orthotics he created for patients over the years, he spotted some commonalities that he then built solutions for in affordable, ready-to-wear orthotics. Powerstep's range of products help relieve a range of foot ailments.

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Results 1-9 of 9

About Powerstep Products

Since 1991, Powerstep has created ready-to-wear orthotics, insoles, socks, and accessories to aid in foot comfort. Founded by Dr. Les Appel, the company has increased the types of products it makes over the years as it has determined patient needs. Dr. Appel analyzed the commonalities that his patients experienced as they utilized custom orthotics, and he extrapolated that information and created products from which anyone could benefit. Powerstep also takes pride in the fact that many of its products are designed and manufactured in the United States, and are affordable solutions for a variety of ailments.

What Sets Powerstep Products Apart

The many styles of Powerstep orthotics, insoles, and inserts offered include different levels of cushioning and lengths to help alleviate foot problems. Powerstep is the most often prescribed brand by medical professionals, and is accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association. Users get all the benefits of custom orthoses in economical , ready to wear products. Studies have shown that custom orthotics are not necessarily better than prefabricated orthotics. The use of these Powerstep orthotics can help improve the user’s posture and thus help treat lower back pain, help prevent pronation, alleviate symptoms of flat feet, and even help treat ankle instability.
Other products such as the stretch night sock and the ultra flex foot rocker can also help alleviate symptoms of plantar fasciitis and overuse injuries.

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