Plae Shoes for Kids

Plae shoes are engineered to fit a child’s foot just right, following the natural contour of the foot and providing room to grow. These healthy shoes are durable, flexible, and contain features to make it easy for children to wear.

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About Plae Shoes for Kids

Based in San Francisco, Plae makes shoes that are designed for the needs of children. Since children’s bones don’t totally fuse until they are about 18 years old, the shoes address the requirements of kids’ feet throughout their development. As a result, Go Plae shoes are flexible, adjustable, and durable enough for all sorts of play. The interchangeable tabs adjust to fit thinner or wider feet, and also provide a way to change the look of the shoe so that the child can coordinate colors and patterns with their outfits, or even their moods! Each shoe has excellent traction on a variety of surfaces, contains a toe guard to help protect the toe, and even contains an anti-microbial/bacterial bio-oil insole.

What Sets Plae Shoes Apart?

Not only do Plae kids shoes contain all sorts of wellness properties for children, they are eco-friendly. The uppers are made from recycled PET plastic (milk jugs). The EVA heel cup is made from recycled cork, and the shoes adhere to ISO 14001 as certified environment-friendly leather and suede. If that’s not enough eco-friendliness for you, note that the factory in which these shoes are made is solar powered and is a fair labor factory. You can have a completely clear conscience as you purchase these outstanding shoes for your children.

Have your child try a pair of Plae shoes today, and see how you can help your child and the environment in one step!


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