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Pikolinos Boots

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Results 1-25 of 25

Pikolinos Boots: Handcrafted in Spain with Stylish Flair

Since 1984, Pikolinos has produced sophisticated designs of exceptional quality. These shoes are handcrafted in Spain, and excel in comfort and style for the discriminating wearer. Pikolinos is an exceptional company in terms of its commitment to environmental conservation and efficiency, and currently exports 80% of its products to countries such as the U.S., France, Germany, Italy, and Russia.

As an environmental pioneer, Pikolinos seeks to have minimal impact on its surroundings. The company’s “zero paper” policy dramatically reduces its need for paper used in the administrative processes. Pikolinos has an extensive recycling program, uses chlorine free paper when it does use paper, and utilizes vegetable tanning, water-based dyes and solvent-free glues.

Pikolinos is a leader in exploring ISO certifications in Quality Management systems as well as Environmental Management Systems, which shows the company’s commitment to providing the highest quality product with the greatest efficiency.

Pikolinos Technical Features

Pikolinos boots contain cushioned foodbeds that massage your feet with each step, durable synthetic outsoles , and high quality leather uppers. lined with supple leather, these boots help keep your feet cool and dry and abrasion free.

What Sets Pikolinos Boots Apart?

Distinctive style, superior comfort, and environmentally-friendly company practices make this brand unique. See for yourself how stylish and comfortable your boots can be!

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