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Kanna Footwear

Kanna Shoes

The Kanna brand was started by brothers Jaun and Thomas De La Cerda who developed the brand with the idea of crafting the shoes out of natural fibers - jute being their hallmark material. The Kanna collections today continue to use natural materials to create beautiful and luxurious shoes. Made in Spain.

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Results 1-7 of 7

About Kanna Shoes

Since 1985, Kanna Shoes has been producing outstanding footwear in Spain. Featuring natural materials and particularly highlighting the use of jute, Kanna shoes are inspired by the sun and its light, the sea and its salt, and the culture of the Mediterranean. High quality, comfortable and natural materials make these jute shoes special.

What Sets Kanna Shoes Apart?

Kanna is one of the premier users of jute in its designs. This natural material exemplifies the casual, Mediterranean lifestyle, and adds informal elegance to each design. From women's espadrilles wedges, to slides, to casual footwear, jute is a vital part of this brand's identity. Enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle with Kanna Shoes today!

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