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Official Gravity Defyer Shoes

Gravity Defyer Shoes

Gravity Defyer Shoes feature VersoShock Trampoline Technology that absorbs shock - reducing pain in your back, feet and knees, propels you forward and gives you the energy to reduce everyday fatigue.

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Gravity Defyer Footwear Puts a Spring in your Step

Founded by Alexander Elnekavh and recommended by Podiatric Biomechanics specialist Dr. Arnold Ross, Gravity Defyer shoes are designed to make any hard surface you’re walking or standing on feel softer and more comfortable. The superior shock absorption qualities are intended to make you feel like you’ve begun life anew, and have improved energy and health. Since pain and fatigue are lessened by the unique properties of Gravity Defyer shoes, you can feel confident that these shoes can change your life for the better.

What Makes Gravity Defyer Shoes Special

The unique design and technology of the Gravity Defyer shoes set them apart from the masses. The VersoShock Trampoline Sole consists of several components all working together to not only absorb shock, but also to help propel you forward as the shoe rebounds.

As your heel strikes the ground, the Smart Memory Master Spring compresses into the VersoShock Trampoline Heel Membrane. The force of the impact is temporarily stored, and as your foot progresses through the gait cycle, the spring releases and the two components work together to help propel you forward. It works like a conventional trampoline, with the fabric absorbing shock and the springs propelling you.

To support the spring and trampoline action, there are twin stabilizers that provide lateral stability and help you keep moving forward.

Also adding shock absorption is the EVA midsole, which acts like a rocker and helps protect your metatarsal bones. The rocker construction helps keep your feet supported while giving you a smooth and fluid motion as you stride.

Gravity Defyer footwear also contains a removable insole that is very soft and helps prevent irritation to your skin. The insole can be removed so that the shoe can accommodate a custom orthotic if necessary. To help keep your feet cool and comfortable, Gravity Defyer footwear utilizes its AVS³ Ventilation System that makes the most of the spring action in the heel by releasing hot air from inside the shoe by way of a one-way valve.

Types of Gravity Defyer Products:

Men and women both have a variety of options of Gravity Defyer products. Men can choose from many models of athletic shoes, dress shoes, casual shoes, and even sandals. Women’s options include athletic shoes, boots, and flats.

With these choices available, you can find the perfect shoe to put a spring in your step.


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