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Products and Footwear for Foot Neuropathy

Neuropathy of the Feet

It is important for all neuropathy patients to wear very supportive, stable shoes. Products that are helpful to suffererers of neuropathy are the same as those for diabetics. Generally, look for a high, wide toe-box, excellent support, ability to use a custom orthotic if necessary, and a MILD rocker outsole.

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Results 1-2 of 2

What is Neuropathy?

Neuropathy is a disease in which nerve damage occurs due to injury, exposure to toxins, metabolic problems, or the effects of diabetes. In some cases, the cause of the disease is unknown. Neuropathy sufferers typically feel a tingling, burning, or even stabbing sensation in their hands or feet, as well as experiencing an overall loss of sensation. This can affect fine motor skills, and can create loss of balance. Lack of sensation also can make it more difficult to notice injuries, making the patient more susceptible to ulcerations and infections.

Shoes for Neuropathy

It is important for all neuropathy patients to wear very supportive, stable shoes. Rocker soled bottoms like those used for toning shoes are not recommended because of the natural instability that they create. If you have any loss of sensation, lack of stability can dramatically increase your chances of falling. Only use MILD rocker sole shoes, which are typically stable as you stand, but have a sloped toe to assist you with walking. Avoid any shoes for diabetic neuropathy that advertise "natural instability" or emulates a feeling of "walking on sand."

Please consult your doctor for final choice of proper footwear for your condition.

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