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Earthies Shoes, Earthies Sandals


Earthies shoes and sandals were developed by the product development team at Earth to be an eye-popping, fashion-forward line of women's dress, boots, sandals, and casual styles. Earth's roots were always in wellness and the Earthies® collection is Wellness...Elevated.

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Results 1-14 of 14

Earthies Shoes – Wellness. Elevated.

From the company that first gave us Earth shoes comes a fashion-forward line of comfortable heels: Earthies® Shoes. Taking the concept of repositioning your body so that it’s in a more natural position even with shoes, Earth, Inc. developed the Earthies® line so that not only do you obtain wellness benefits, you also have some really striking, contemporary-styled designs.

Featured in People Magazine’s Style Watch segment, Lucky Magazine, and Redbook Magazine, Earthies shoes are the ultimate in contemporary style and superb comfort.

Types of Earthies Shoes

Women have many beautiful options of styles, all featuring arch support, deep heel cups, and cradled footbeds.

  • Earthies Dress Shoes

    Laser-cut detailing is a prominent feature in this collection. Add to that natural wood bottoms and elegant heels, and you can have some sophisticated yet comfortable styles to choose from.
  • Earthies Sandals

    Ranging from casual yet feminine styles with low heels to dramatic styles with higher profiles, Earthies® sandals are perfect for a day at the beach or a night on the town. Platforms: Reach new heights with some elegant, feminine-styled shoes that keep your feet comfortable as you gain a couple of inches in height.
  • Earthies Wedges

    These beautiful models feature intricate laser-cut detailing, beads, buckles, and even pleats in the uppers for outstanding versatility and style.

What Makes Earthies Shoes Unique?

Earthies’ wellness footbed makes these shoes feel unlike any others you’ve owned in the past. Several features set Earthies boots, sandals and shoes apart: There is an anatomic arch providing increased touch points along the heel to the forefoot to ease the transition from having the heel elevated. The footbed cradles the foot so that weight is evenly distributed away from the toes. There is also a cupped heel for increased support. These features working together make the experience of wearing these shoes completely different from any other heels you’ve encountered.

Fashion-forward styles and exceptional comfort are benchmarks of Earthies® shoes. Experience Wellness. Elevated.

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