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Alegria Shoes

Alegria Shoes

Alegria shoes feature a mild rocker outsole that reduces stress on muscles.The Alegria Perfect Fit Anatomically Correct Footbed provides excellent arch support. These removable insoles are crafted with latex, memory foam and cork for ultimate comfort.

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Experience Happy Feet with Alegria Shoes

Alegria means “happiness,” and that’s why there are so many vivid colors and patterns in this woman’s footwear brand. Reflecting the relaxed California lifestyle, these shoes are easy to wear and benefits for your feet’s wellbeing.

PG Lite began producing this line of shoes in 2008, and since then has introduced a variety of models in a rainbow of colors and patterns. Therapeutic footwear has always been a characteristic of PG Lite’s brands, and Alegria is no exception. These shoes feature a mild rocker sole bottom, which helps you have correct posture. The anatomically correct footbed, which is made from cork, latex and memory foam, provides outstanding support for your feet. All of Alegria clogs, sandals, boots and nursing shoes also contain a wide toe box so that your digits have plenty of room. This outstanding comfort is only the technological part of how you can have “happy feet.”

Improve Your Mood with Alegria Color Therapy

Alegria believes that mere comfort isn’t enough, shoes should be fun! Color therapy refers to how the interesting patterns and colors can help improve your mood. Different palettes have been clinically shown to make you feel better, so Alegria integrates this concept into all of its women’s and men’s footwear. You can choose a bold pattern and/or color to suit how you feel on any particular day. Color therapy is bound to help keep your mood and your feet happy.

Taking Care of Your Alegria Shoes

Footwear etc. recommends you care for your shoes as follows:

  • Never submerge your Alegria footwear in water.
  • For full-grain leather, crinkle leather, metallic, suede/nubuck, or printed leather, use a damp cloth.
  • For patent leather, clean with soap and water.
  • For Napa leather, use special leather cleaner.

Types of Alegria Shoes

  • Alegria Shoes
  • Alegria Clogs
  • Alegria Boots
  • Alegria Debra Shoes
  • Alegria Kaitlyn
  • Alegria Paloma

Who wears Alegria Shoes?

Alegria shoes are extremely popular with teachers, librarians, and anyone else who has to stand a lot throughout the day. The nursing shoes by Alegria are reliably trusted by medical professionals to combat the aches that accompany long shifts. Everyone who wears this influential footwear will benefit from the support and comfort so, regardless of your career path, you can treat yourself to bold style and sweet relief. Shop Footwear etc. an Alegria shoe retailer for the best selection of Alegria shoes, clogs, boots and much more.

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