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Ball of Foot Pain Products

Extended pain in the balls of your feet, often referred to as “Metatarsalgia,” can arise for any number of reasons. Footwear etc. has gathered a variety of foot care products that have been developed by orthopedic professionals to counteract these aches. For men and women alike, these inserts range from massaging ball inserts and cold packs to small placement pads that relieve and support the metatarsus and metatarsal arch. Review our top notch health aids to find relief from pains in the ball of your feet today.

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Results 1-11 of 11

What is Ball of Foot Pain?

Ball of Foot Pain, otherwise known as Metatarsalgia, is a condition typically caused by overuse. Pain and inflammation in the ball of the foot are common among athletes or anyone who engages in high-impact sports. Others can experience ball of foot pain due to high heels or ill-fitting shoes.

Increased pressure on the ball of the foot can be caused by constricting or high-heeled footwear. Usually this pain comes on gradually over time. Using a shoe with a wide toe box and good support can be helpful, as well as using inserts to relieve the pressure on the ball of the foot.

Another condition known as “spread foot” can occur in the metatarsal area, and that is caused by weakened metatarsal bones, which cause the toes to spread. Again, properly-fitting footwear, low heels, and a wide toe box can alleviate these symptoms.

Footwear and Related Products Recommended for Ball of Foot Pain

Shoes with good support, a wide toe box, and low heels are best if you want to lessen the symptoms of Metatarsalgia or avoid them entirely. Other products that can help include:

  • The Cluffy P4 Everyday Wedge fits underneath the insole or orthotic, and takes pressure off the ball of the foot. It also alleviates stiffness in the big toe joint, which is a common accompaniment to ball of foot pain.
  • Foot Petals Women’s Tip Toes Ball of Foot Cushion is a great mechanism for adding cushioning right to the ball of your foot. It has a small piece of adhesive so that you can affix it to your shoe, and it’s virtually invisible in all of your shoes. Cushioning right at the ball of the foot greatly alleviates pressure in that area, and even helps keep your foot from slipping in your shoes.
  • Pedag Unisex High Life Ball of Foot Cushion is another cushion specifically to place in your shoes right under where the ball of your foot falls. This cushion is made of gel, is anatomically shaped, and even can help if your shoes are too big in the forefoot.
  • The Pedag Princess Forefoot Leather Cushion not only cushions the ball of the foot, it also helps absorb sweat and the active carbon kills bacteria. Made of vegetable tanned sheepskin with latex foam cushioning, this is another great product to help protect the metatarsal area.

Products that can help for Spread Foot include:

  • The Pedag Unisex Drop Metatarsal Arch Inserts help allow the metatarsal bones to regain their natural position as well as alleviate pain. They support the forefoot and hold the bones in the middle of the foot in the correct position.
  • Pedag’s Unisex T-Form Metatarsal Arch Inserts are made of chevreaux leather and can stick to the inside of your shoe with self-adhesive foil. Use of these inserts also help the bones regain their natural position and alleviate pain.
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