Waldlaufer Shoes

Waldlaufer Shoes

Walk through life in comfort with Waldlaufer Shoes. Waldlaufer has been handcrafting high quality European footwear since 1960. They have combined proven lasts, high quality leathers and materials to produce footwear with superior comfort.

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About Waldlaufer Shoes

Since 1960, Waldlaufer has been producing incredibly comfortable, easy-to-fit, handcrafted footwear that is entirely produced in Europe. The company was founded by Gunter Bauer, who had a passion for the outdoors. Waldlaufer actually means “Forest Walker,” and these shoes are superb choices for all-around use. Using the highest quality European materials but with affordable prices, these shoes are actually a superb value. Featuring outstanding shock absorption, extra volume in the toe box, very little weight, and a removable footbed, Waldlaufer shoes are perfect for casual everyday wear.

What Makes Waldlaufer Shoes Unique

Waldlaufer Shoes contain an extremely light, air-cushioned sole. Since each shoe contains a removable insole, you can always insert custom orthotics if necessary. Depending on the shoe, the insole includes a thick cork footbed with orthopedic properties, or a pro active footbed containing massage characteristics.

The biggest difference between Waldlaufer shoes and other brands is in the shape of the shoes. They are designed to provide extra volume in the toe box, while retaining a narrower heel. This produces a narrower than normal midfoot fitting, yet run slightly wider than most medium widths. Along with the superb arch and metatarsal support, these properties make Waldlaufer shoes a fashionable, comfortable investment for every woman.


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