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"Thank goodness you carry MBT! These shoes have kept me walking since 2012. I'd be pretty well grounded without them."
Feedback from L., February 10, 2016
"i liked their prices compaired to other sites"
Feedback from M., February 8, 2016
"I love the way shoes fit...I stand on feet all day and they are comfortable"
Feedback from Joan. M, February 8, 2016
"Footwear has the quality footwear brands that I'm looking for. There are many sizes, colors and styles available for selection."
Feedback from H., February 8, 2016
"I just received shoes today, that I ordered. It is very convenient to have a return sticker included inside the shipping box. I like what I ordered and do not have to return! So happy."
Feedback from E., February 5, 2016
"Love ordering from Footwear etc.! Always happy with my purchases and their service!"
Feedback from M., February 5, 2016
"1st time buyer of MBT shoes, recommended by my wife who loves them. Very easy to order."
Feedback from R., February 3, 2016
"Thank you! I'm excited to receive my purchase. I especially appreciate the free shipping."
Feedback from C., February 3, 2016
"I have, for several years, ordered MBT Athletic shoes and have been very satisfied with the product, the ease of ordering and the promptness of delivery."
Feedback from W, February 2, 2016
"I love MBT shoes, they are the only kind I can wear due to foot injury."
Feedback from Sue. N, February 1, 2016
"Excellent select, customer service. I am a devoted Footwear, etc. Shopper! Recommend to all my friends!"
Feedback from B., February 1, 2016
"Best service I have ever experienced."
Feedback from Y., February 1, 2016
"i appreciate the ease of returning shoes."
Feedback from K., January 29, 2016
"I feel very confident shopping with Footwear etc. because I have the sense that it is a very traditional company which offers quality products."
Feedback from V., January 29, 2016
"I purchased the Disney Minnie Bow Uggs, for myself, for my 48th birthday. I LOVE THEM. Cuter than I expected, love the Mickey heads around the bottom! SOOOOO adorable. I am a kid at heart. Happy Birthday to me."
Feedback from Q., January 28, 2016
"I like Footwear etc. very much, and have visited their store in the next county to get the proper fit, and style that I wanted."
Feedback from U., January 28, 2016
"I wear vionic's and love them."
Feedback from Terri, January 28, 2016
"My podiatrist recommends you very highly. So next time I am near one of your store locations, I will stop in."
Feedback from Joy, January 28, 2016
"This is my second order and i have been very please with your product."
Feedback from B., January 27, 2016
"This product was sold out in most locations, or it was a higher price. Footwear had it available in my size and at a very good price. Shipping was immediate and I love the product."
Feedback from M., January 26, 2016
"I love that you carry the MBT shoe. It is the only shoe I will wear."
Feedback from Judy. D, January 26, 2016
"I have trouble with shoes fitting and with the arch support. These MBT shoes are the only ones I wear as they fit and I have no trouble walking. I like to go on cruises and I can walk all day and my feet don't hurt."
Feedback from M., January 26, 2016
"Love your shoe selections, I've had both great and not so great experiences at different stores but I recently found one store where they really care and spend the necessary time to make sure you are satisfied and that the shoes fit properly."
Feedback from J., January 26, 2016
"I love my new boots and clogs I just received. Extremely comfortable to wear all day and beyond."
Feedback from Summer. S, January 25, 2016
"So fast and I love my boots!!!"
Feedback from T., January 25, 2016
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