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"I called because I didn't remember what size I bought last time and to my surprise on a Saturday a very nice customer service representative answered the phone, looked up my size and I ordered the shoes."
Feedback from Debra, October 19, 2016
"Love shopping at your stores, either at your location in Palo Alto or on line. I always get my orders on time."
Feedback from A., October 19, 2016
"Happy to find resource for attractive shoes that serve my special foot needs."
Feedback from Fants, October 19, 2016
"Was looking for a Bussola boots and found a nice selection at Footwear. Appreciate the free shipping, both ways - that is a deal-breaker on trying some items that may not have been my initial choice. Website was very user-friendly, product arrived in perfect order. Scores highly on all accounts."
Feedback from Raye, October 19, 2016
"All of the items met my expectations & are exactly what I need for my condition."
Feedback from Boats, October 19, 2016
"Was looking specifically for Bussola brand and found a nice selection, some were even marked down, unfortunately no in my size. Free shipping & returns encourages me to purchase more than I really need. Easy check-out made the process quick and easy. Well done all around!"
Feedback from R., October 9, 2016
"I really like this site due to the prices not being as high as competitors. No sales tax and free shipping was a big plus in my overall reason for choosing to purchase from Footwear etc. I will continue to shop again from this website in the near future. Can't wait to wear my new uggs."
Feedback from Lin, October 9, 2016
"Footwear etc provides all the necessary items needed for proper foot care"
Feedback from Boats, October 9, 2016
"I like shopping at your Palo Alto store, I always get great service!!!"
Feedback from Ale, October 9, 2016
"Always easy to order and I love the 365 day free return."
Feedback from Mich, September 27, 2016
"I like good return policies with prepaid label and free shipping."
Feedback from A., September 27, 2016
"I am very happy with the Vionics athletic shoes I ordered. I will be ordering more in the future. And I'm spreading the world about Footwear etc.!"
Feedback from Leanna, September 27, 2016
"I had never heard of Footwear etc. before it came up in a google search for Pikolinos but took a chance and am happy I did."
Feedback from Jenni, September 27, 2016
"My first time to use Footwear etc. and I was very satisfied with the service and the product. Very user friendly site representing good products."
Feedback from M., September 27, 2016
"I first saw the shoes in Malmo, Sweden, but they did not have my size. My resourceful daughter took a picture of them and when we were back in the United States, she tracked them down in your store. She gifted them to me. I am VERY happy with them, and have just ordered two more pairs for myself."
Feedback from Elli, September 27, 2016
"I called and the girl answering the phone was extremely friendly and made me fee very comfortable with my purchase."
Feedback from Hawkflyer, September 27, 2016
"I love to wear Kanna shoes. So happy that you follow this brand."
Feedback from Sete, September 27, 2016
"I dealt with an extremely nice customer service rep names Michelle about changing the shipping of my order because I needed it by a certain day and she not only did it but called me later in the day to confirm that it was on it's way and was later sent tracking information. Sure enough my order arrived on time. Just such a pleasant experience all-around-thank you!"
Feedback from Michelle, September 21, 2016
"I do best in rocker bottom shoes. I am new at MBT shoes. Hope they are perfect!"
Feedback from Nana, September 21, 2016
"Love Tamaris brand shoes from Footwear etc."
Feedback from Dobra, September 21, 2016
"Always easy to order and I love the 365 day free return."
Feedback from Mich, September 21, 2016
"I like good return policies with prepaid label and free shipping."
Feedback from Reuben, September 21, 2016
"This was my first time ordering from Footwear etc. and the selection was amazing. I also found it very easy to place my order as well as finding the prices extremely competitive. I will definitely be returning to do more shopping!!"
Feedback from Mack, September 7, 2016
"Customer service person was very helpful and polite"
Feedback from K., September 7, 2016
"I love shopping, online, at footwear etc. I look almost every day to see if they've add new MBT shoes! Will be purchasing again!"
Feedback from A., September 7, 2016
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