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"I really loved the speediness of the delivery, I actually received it a day early. I will shop here again, thanks "
Feedback from T.. G, November 16, 2015
"I really appreciate the wide variety of styles, colors and the prices are unmatched! "
Feedback from Tommy, November 16, 2015
"quick service ...easy to use on line ordering...on time sipping. what more do you need. "
Feedback from C.. M, November 16, 2015
"I love the selection and your policies on returns. "
Feedback from F., November 16, 2015
"Shopping at Footwear was an excellent experience. I most appreciate their free shipping! "
Feedback from Valerie, November 16, 2015
"i love your company. 100% satisfied customer"
Feedback from Kathie. H, November 16, 2015
"Severe back problems (stenosis on left, disc on right) , MBT shoes, along with 14 other factors keep me pain free without medication. MBT shoes and 14 other factors stopped intense sciatic nerve pain going down both legs requiring 300 mg. of Lyrica a day to control. Now as long as I wear MBT's, I am pain free. Last time I tried I can wear non type MBT shoes for about 4 hours before my back & sciatic nerve pain returns. I am so greatful for MBT shoes."
Feedback from Bob. D, November 16, 2015
"Enjoyed the shopping experience, easy to find the items I was looking for. Good prices. Will hope to order more in the future. "
Feedback from D., November 4, 2015
"I'm always looking for shoe sales and it's nice to know there's others out there instead of 6pm. "
Feedback from Kramer, November 4, 2015
"I have been shopping at Footwear store for many years now, and it has always been a very nice experience, however now that I had try shopping online its been wonderful, Rossy from CA."
Feedback from Rossy. S, November 3, 2015
"I like their large selection and their prompt, free shiping."
Feedback from L., November 3, 2015
"So happy to see my favorite shoes go on sale. MBT shoes have saved my feet. I recommend to all my friends with plantar fasciitis."
Feedback from Nancy. H, November 3, 2015
"Footwear etc. has helped me several times in the last 20 years as I've gotten older and needed more help with footwear. "
Feedback from D., November 3, 2015
"I shop you exclusively for MBT. Theses are the only shoes my feet can tolerate. lived in Mountain View for 2 years and frequented the 3 area stores. I'm very pleased you have an online store with such an easy return policy. Thank you for great service."
Feedback from E., October 30, 2015
"The site was recommended to me by my brother. He has been buying MBT shoes for over 10 years from several different online sites. I am very impressed by their low prices and free shipping! Keep up the great work!"
Feedback from L., October 30, 2015
"i appreciate their great selection of orthopedic but still stylish shoes!"
Feedback from T. , October 29, 2015
"Best shoe store ever! Thank you....now I don't have to experience the crowded malls. "
Feedback from C., October 29, 2015
"I need MBT's to walk as I have a back problem. I must have bought 35 pair since my daughter discovered them.. Keep them coming."
Feedback from Amy, October 28, 2015
"I love the brands, comfort and stylish options! "
Feedback from Vivi, October 27, 2015
"Good selection and good prices. Like that I can go to the stores and get direct service "
Feedback from C., October 27, 2015
"Website easy to navigate and had a nice selection of Beautifeel shoes"
Feedback from D., October 26, 2015
"this is the only place I buy shoes. I started wearing MBTs about 10 or so years ago and have never strayed! However, in this order I'm trying others. In fact, I just finished telling a friend about them. I told her to check out all of their handmade shoes and boots from Spain and Italy. Specifically, I told her about Beautifeel and Joan Oloff. Both look exquisite! In fact, I'm trying a pair of Beautiful in this order. Their shipping is perfect and their customer service is wonderful. Specifically, today (Sunday, October 25, 2015) I spoke with a customer service rep named Michelle. She was fabulously helpful!! I had many questions for her since I had discovered so many brands that I hadn't yet tried. She was very patient and extremely helpful. Please let her supervisors know that she's wonderful!!!"
Feedback from Angela. D, October 26, 2015
"I recently ordered 2 pairs of shoes online. I was contacted by Footwear etc. customer support as a courtesy that one of the pairs was on backorder. I did not see this notice when selecting my shoe size and ordered anyway. I waited too long to get new shoes so I wanted to change my order. Alicia in customer support handled my request promptly, took care of the order changes, and let me know the new pair is on it's way, all with just a quick email. Thanks to Alicia, I have found where I will buy shoes online. 5+ stars. "
Feedback from Clay, October 23, 2015
"GORGEOUS boots at a reasonable price, plus free shipping. What could be better?"
Feedback from P., October 21, 2015
"Love the fact that these guys still carry MBT shoes, the best shoes I have ever worn."
Feedback from Jem, October 21, 2015
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