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"Amazingly comfortable, high quality, and styling shoes! "
Feedback from JP, July 27, 2015
"With foot problems they carry great choices for shoes."
Feedback from Deborah. H, July 23, 2015
"I am only really interested in buying the MBT line or the ROCKER shoes for orthopedic reasons only I had a foot injury in 2006 and I require special arch support shoes. Thank for stocking the MBT brand."
Feedback from Jam, July 22, 2015
"MBT shoes are the best."
Feedback from Brody. C, July 21, 2015
"I knew I was on the hunt for a specific style. I passed it up on several occasions but...I really love this brand. I was ever so pleased to cross paths with this web business. They had exactly what I like and prices to match my purse. I have more shopping to do for the fall so I'll stop in to see what's going to strike my fancy! Until then, Thank You!"
Feedback from Peggy. J, July 21, 2015
"I think I am going to love shopping here! They have what I want at a lower price. Also I joined the Rewards Program for additional savings and rewards!"
Feedback from K., July 17, 2015
"As is always the case, Footwear etc. is a pleasure to order from. They truly set the bar for world class customer service!"
Feedback from Jeffrey. H, July 16, 2015
"Always a pleasure to shop with Footwear etc.. They offer good quality items at an affordable price."
Feedback from K., July 15, 2015
"Love Footwear! Great products, Great prices! Who could ask for more?"
Feedback from B., July 14, 2015
"Very grateful to find MBT semi-dress white shoes to work in the LDS temple. I have worn MBT shoes for several years. I like them very much and they are very helpful for those of us who have peri-nueropathy."
Feedback from G., July 13, 2015
"Very impressed with the prices and ease of use on your site! Will shop here again!"
Feedback from J.. M, July 10, 2015
"Vionic footwear are wonderful I love them they feel so good on my feet."
Feedback from Lillian. R, July 9, 2015
"I love the fact that they offer all those widths. I fell in love with the different colors they put into just one style of shoes, but they offer so many color options in that style! The shipping is free & that's an added bonus."
Feedback from Boomer. S, July 9, 2015
"Great experience shopping here for the first time. Wonderful price on these shoes. Love the free shipping both ways. That was a huge factor in my choice to shop here today along with the price and ease of online shopping."
Feedback from T.. D, July 9, 2015
"Shoes are very high quality and very comfortable. "
Feedback from Mahtab. V, July 9, 2015
"I wear nothing but MBT shoes and I have ordered them through you for years. Why change when one is satisfied!"
Feedback from M., July 8, 2015
"I have used Footwear etc. as my source for MBTs since I bought my first pair in London in 2006. I have always found the selection process easy and am happy not to have to shop in person. Whenever any one stops me to inquire about my MBTs (which I wear daily) I tell them to visit your website."
Feedback from Patricia. H, July 6, 2015
"Shopping experience was great. I found some stylish shoes and the sales was really good compared to others."
Feedback from Trecia. K, July 6, 2015
"Very accommodating people in customer service."
Feedback from Marno. Y, July 2, 2015
"I have never shopped on line. I found it very easy thanks to Footwear etc...Love my selection...Look forward to my order. "
Feedback from Sheila. M, July 2, 2015
"I have always been very satisfied with the products I bought from Footwear etc. "
Feedback from Stanley. M, July 1, 2015
"I found the MBT sandals that I've been looking for on your site. The ordering was easy and quick. I look forward to receiving my order."
Feedback from Marfori, June 26, 2015
"I was able to purchase a pair of shoes that I could not find elsewhere."
Feedback from Q., June 22, 2015
"Funtastic! I always go order on line to this website, very good service! "
Feedback from Annie, June 19, 2015
"I'm very grateful for this company, as I have serious foot issues with a rare genetic bunion on my big toe. MBT's are the only shoe I can wear! And of MBTs, only a certain style-hoping this one works for me as I walk 3 miles/day, and have 5 pair of older MBTs that I'm literally wearing out!!!"
Feedback from Nonna, June 19, 2015
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