Taryn Rose

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About Taryn Rose Shoes

Developed by an Orthopedic surgeon, Taryn Rose footwear specializes in fashionable heels and flat women's shoes that are comfortable to wear all day long. These shoes came about when the company founder and physician, Taryn Rose, searched fruitlessly for heels she could wear to the hospital that would remain comfortable for hours at a time. Beginning in 1998, the Taryn Rose company began to manufacture these high-fashion and comfortable shoes, and today these shoes are available not just in high-end stores, they have also made appearances at the Oscars and on Oprah.

What Sets Taryn Rose Apart

Taryn Rose footwear is made from very high quality leathers and other materials such as Poron® (memory foam). Taryn Rose flats and heels are lightweight, flexible, and extremely stylish. Available in heels, flats, wedges and even Mary Janes, these dressy shoes are appropriate for work or a night on the town. Discover how professional you can look while your feet are completely at ease!

Taryn Rose

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