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The copper conductors in Juil Footwear allow you to maintain a connection with the surface of the Earth, without going barefoot. The copper within Juil footwear creates a direct connection and passageway between the soles of your feet and the Earth's surface, allowing you to look better, feel better, and be better. Juil is about connection and your wellbeing.

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About Juil Footwear

With over 45 years of footwear experience, Juil footwear was created to enhance your wellbeing and remind you of how important every step is. Fine craftsmanship, quality leathers, and years of research have combined to design a superior product, just for YOU. With Juil, comfort isn’t a wish anymore – it’s a reality. We want you to look good, feel good, and BE GREAT. You deserve it.

What Sets Juil Footwear Apart?

The question we’re asked every day is , “What are those dots?!” The “dots” in Juil footwear are copper connectors, meant to connect you directly with the Earth beneath your feet. By going directly through the footbed and outsole, these copper dots are your direct connection to the greatest source of healing, wellbeing, and peace available.

As we go about our daily lives and get lost in the shuffle of nuances and agendas, we forget about our most important connections. The connections with our loved ones, favorite sports, hobbies, and the nature around us. Juil is a reminder of a life well lived and a comfort rarely experienced. Try for yourself.

How do Juil Footwear Fit?

Juil footwear runs on a generally standard width and length. If you wear a half-size, we recommend going to the next size down with all of our sandals. If you’re ordering our clogs, we’d recommend sizing up to the next whole size if you wear a half size.

Experience the Earth’s energy as you walk. Enjoy the rejuvenating properties of Juil sandals.


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