Deer Tracks Shoes

Deer Tracks Shoes

Deer Tracks shoes are made in the USA with anatomically shaped removable insoles and are available in medium, wide and extra wide widths. Experience the patented Deer Tracks Heel Cradle System that stabilizes and protects the whole body.

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About Deer Tracks

Founded in 1988, Pilgrim Shoes (of which Deer Tracks is a part) began as a small shop in Eastern Europe, but eventually grew to become a large factory. By 1997 the company moved to the United States, and continues to create comfort footwear in three different widths. The Deer Tracks Collection for men and women is made in the U.S.A.

Deer Tracks shoes contain several important technological advances. The Heel Cradle System is actually based on the function of a deer hoof; this system stabilizes the foot, allowing for lateral and medial stability and providing shock absorption.

Additional shock absorption comes from the exclusive “shockicel” foam insert in the ball of the foot area. The triple density footbed augments the Heel Cradle System, and provides additional cushioning in the heel and metatarsal area. With an extra wide shank, the shoes help keep your feet from overpronating. The outsole contains a double rocker configuration to create even weight distribution and reduce shock.

The DRYFAST fabric contained in the shoes pushes moisture away from the foot. Air circulation also occurs by fresh air entering the shoe, and hot air and moisture is pushed out of the shoe through ventilation openings in the outsole.

Discover the difference that Deer Tracks shoes can make in your life!

Deer Tracks

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