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Bootights are the only tights made especially for boots. There is no need to ever suffer again in your boots! Bootights are a premium tight with a performance sock attached. They have been featured on Oprah, The View, GMA and more!

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About Bootights®

Bootights® were created by Shelby Mason, a business traveler who had the misfortune of having to remove her stylish boots at airport security. When she did this, she happened to be wearing an old pair of white tube socks so that she’d gain extra comfort and warmth in her boots. Not only did the socks look bad, one of the socks had slid down to her ankle and allowed the zipper to snag her tights. Shelby decided that there had to be a better way to keep her feet warm and cozy while wearing tights with her boots. Thus, Bootights® were born.

What Makes Bootights® Unique?

No other product actually combines a sock and a tight into one garment. The design combines silky fabrics and fun designs with the practicality of a sock that actually makes your feet feel better in your boots.

Providing all-over support and a dig-free waistband that doesn’t roll or bind, the tights are comfortable and are available in a variety of patterns and colors. The sock portion has a compression arch support built in to allow for support as well as cushioning.

Discover the difference Bootights® can make in your life!

Bootights Video

Watch Oprah and her fashion expert Adam Glassman feature Bootights.


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