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Foot Exfoliating Microscreen

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Silk Feet Foot Exfoliating Microscreen

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      Product Description

      The Silk Feet Foot Exfoliating Microscreen is designed to quickly remove dry, callused skin revealing the smooth, healthy skin beneath. The oval Shape and flexible design adapt to the contours of the foot for professional results in minutes.

      Silk Feet is a new generation of foot care products designed to provide fast, effective treatment to eliminate dry, dead skin cells from an individual’s foot; producing the most effective smoothing results available in a single application.

      Silk Feet Foot Exfoliating Microscreen


      • Before use, ensure feet are clean and dry. While holding screen apply even pressure and move with sanding motion. Stop sanding if area becomes painful or irritated.
      • Wash feet and apply moisturizer after use. For easy clean up, use over waste basket, towel, dry tub, or shower pan to catch debris.
      • Expected number of uses varies per individual based on the severity of your condition. It is normal for the product to break down with use.
      • Warning: Do not use on open skin, foot sores or warts. If you have diabetes, consult your doctor before using this product.

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