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Comfort Lace 21" Black

Unisex Cadillac Comfort Lace 21" Black

Item #125351
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Product Description

Cadillac Comfort Laces provide functionality, performance, and comfort. From athletes, to kids, grandparents to teens, Cadillac Comfort Laces are perfect for everyone. Functionality The Ultimate Shoe Laces, apply patented collapsible knots which produce 'tensioning-zones' at each eyelet. Each 'tension-zone' is independent and adjustable; allowing the wearer to uniquely customize their footwear comfort, fit and function. Cadillac Comfort Laces virtually eliminate 'dual-compression impact', footwear slippage, and fatigue, thereby enhancing footwear technology (outsoles, insoles, orthotics, etc.) . Comfort Reemerging knots keep the lace and tension in place. For the first time, tension can be adjusted throughout the shoe... not limited to one tension level at the ankle. The PERFECT FIT... EVERYTIME, ALL THE TIME!

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