Propet Shoes

Propet Shoes

Since 1985 Propet has been providing quality shoes for hard-to-fit feet. Most Propet shoe styles are available in multiple widths making it easy to get the perfect fit. We are proud to offer a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes to keep your feet happy.

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Results 1-28 of 28

About Propét Footwear

Since 1985, Propét has produced high quality footwear for feet requiring special sizes or therapeutic care. Focusing on a variety of widths and sizes of models that deal with a variety of foot ailments, Propét footwear excels in comfort and versatility. Propet walking shoes, boots, slippers and sandals are available in a wide variety of styles for both men and women, and can make a huge difference if you are a hard-to-fit size.

Propét ShoesTechnologies

Propét utilizes a variety of technologies to help ensure great fit and outstanding comfort in every shoe. These include:

  • Propet Preferred – footwear in a variety of sizes and widths. Intended to compensate for medical issues.
  • Flexible – styles containing low-profile outsoles with extra flexibility.
  • Featherlite – models with extra lightweight EVA and rubber outsoles
  • Double Insoles – styles using the Propét EV (extra volume) insole, which can be removed to provide space for orthotics or just a little more room for your foot.
  • Dristep Insoles – insoles made with bamboo charcoal, which helps absorb odor and regulate humidity.
  • Washable – certain styles that are designed for machine washing.
  • OrthoLite – lightweight, open cell foams that help keep the inside of the shoe cooler and drier.
  • Removable Footbed – styles containing footbeds that can be removed to accommodate orthotics.
  • Stretchable – models designed to stretch so that your feet will experience some “give.” They are particularly useful for feet with bunions or hammertoes.

Please check the product descriptions for each shoe to see which of these technologies is utilized in that model.

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