Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Aid - Regular Size - Fits calf size up to 16 inches

Unisex Strassburg Sock Plantar Fasciitis Sleep Aid - Regular Size - Fits calf size up to 16 inches

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Reduce morning foot pain by wearing plantar fasciitis socks as you sleep. The Strassburg Sock keeps adequate tension on the plantar fascia tissue, enabling the tissue to remain in a stretched position as it heals in the prone or supine position. Utilizing the Strassburg Sock, in addition to physician approved stretching exercises, can gradually reduce recovery time and strengthen the arch, therefore eliminating the need for medication related to plantar fasciitis.

Features of Strassburg Plantar Fasciitis Socks

  • Made of a cylindrical knit material, these plantar fasciitis socks have two simple to use, attached adjustable straps for maximum comfort.
  • The Strassburg Sock prevents the plantar fascia from contracting by securing the foot in a dorsiflexion position.
  • These plantar fasciitis socks can be worn overnight as a supplemental treatment to a physician’s treatment for heel spurs.
  • The innovative design of the Strassburg Sock provides a comfortable plantar fasciitis sock which allows free range of movement to the ankle joint to prevent joint compression pain of other socks.
  • Available in multiple sizes | Fits calf size up the 16 inches in circumference | Each sock sold separately

How to Properly Wear Strassburg Plantar Fasciitis Socks

Loosen the two adjustable straps and slip the sock up over the calf, positioning the “D” ring below the knee and ensure that adequate room is left in the toe box. Place the uppermost strap around the top portion of the calf. Place your ankle flat on the floor, and thread the toe strap through the “D” ring. Lift your toes one inch from the floor while keeping the heel down, and attach the Velcro. If the sock feels too tight for comfort, loosen the straps.

Cautions and Additional Instructions for Strassburg Plantar Fasciitis Socks

  • Do not wear this sock prior to contacting your physician if you have known circulatory issues, open sores, diabetes, swelling or severe edema, hammer toes, an active rash, severe dermatitis, recent trauma to the foot, recent foot surgery, are pregnant, or have allergies to nylon or rayon.
  • To wash the Strassburg Plantar Fasciitis Socks, connect all straps and hand wash in lukewarm water with gentle soap. Next, rinse the Strassburg Socks, connect the straps, and air dry.
  • Learn more about heel pain.

  • Gender: Unisex
  • Material: Fabric

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100 out of 100
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      Raleigh, NC
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    Posted:Reviewed on 8/23/2010
    100 out of 100
    It truly works!
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      The Best!
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      My Plantar Fasciitis had gotten so bad after living with it for 8 months that it had become very painful to walk (I had even started wearing Crocs in the shower) and the point of pain was right where my right heel rested in front of the gas pedal while driving making it extremely painful to drive during my 40 mile commute. I tried this sock after two friends recommended it. I wore it every night for about 3 hours and after 2 weeks my pain was completely gone with some relief after about 4 days. If you have heel pain either from Plantar Fasciitis or that you suspect is from a bone spur, as I did, try this sock and I hope you get as much relief from it as I and others I know have. Highly Recommended for solving this problem! Stuart Carter / Raleigh, NC

    • Reviewer Location (City & State):
      Raleigh, NC
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