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Kalso Earth Shoes

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About Kalso Earth® Shoes

Kalso Earth® shoes were originally created in the late 1960s by Anne Kalso in Denmark. Kalso, a yoga instructor, was a long-time advocate of the integration of wellness principles into all aspects of one’s daily life. During a trip to Brazil in 1957, Kalso observed the footprints left in the sand by the native Brazilians, and noted that the heel prints were deeper than the rest of the foot. She recognized this phenomenon as a fundamental of better posture, and also made the connection to a common yoga pose, the Mountain pose. This particular yoga position helps improve posture and breathing, and Kalso decided to develop shoes that could incorporate these principles into their design. Kalso Earth® shoes have been sold worldwide since April 1, 1970 (Earth Day) and have had a devoted following ever since.

Types of Kalso Earth® Shoes

Women and men's earth shoes come in a variety of style options:

Kalso Earth® Dress Shoes

-Men have a variety of options of shoes that look dressy enough to wear to work, and you can barely tell that they have the wellness benefits of the earth shoes negative heel. Women’s dress shoes include Mary Janes and slip-on shoes. All of these are made from premium leather uppers.

Kalso Earth® Casual and Athletic Shoes

- This collection includes clogs, casual slip-ons and oxfords made from rich leathers and nubuck products. Athletic shoes have reinforced footbeds with extra cushioning to provide stability and support while the mesh and leather upper helps keep feet cool and dry.

Kalso Earth® Sandals

- Women have a variety of styles available to them, such as thongs, gladiator-style, slides, and even sandals with jute-wrapped soles. This collection is very versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on your wardrobe.

Kalso Earth® Boots

- There are dress boots, rain boots, and even furry boots for cold weather.

What Makes Kalso Earth® Shoes Unique?

The negative heel found on Kalso Earth® shoes is what sets this brand apart. The design features the heel slightly lower than the toes to emulate the feeling of walking barefoot in sand. With your heel slightly below your toes, the walking motion produced helps improve your posture and therefore alleviate joint pain.

Integrate whole-body wellness principles in your life with Kalso Earth® shoes.

Enjoy this video highlighting all of the newest styles from Kalso Earth Shoes:

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