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Sensitive Feet/Diabetes

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5 Products
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Diabetes is a disease characterized by excessive glucose in teh bloodstream. This is caused by either too little insulin produced by the body, or a person's cells do not respond properly to the insulin that is produced.

Since diabetes causes vascular and neurological problems, feet are especially vulnerable to side effects. These side effects can include:

  • Changes in the skin on your feet; they may become very dry and cracked
  • Calluses caused by high pressure areas on the foot
  • Poor circulation, which in turn makes it harder for injuries to heal
  • Foot ulcers, which can result in infections (or even amputation)

Wearing shoes that fit properly, examining your feet daily to note any changes or injuries, and consulting with your doctor frequently are the best ways to mitigate damage to your feet by Diabetes.

Specific products that can be helpful to those with diabetes:


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