Clarks WAVE Shoes with WAVEWALK technology

Clarks WAVE Shoes

Walk farther & feel better with Clarks WAVEWALK Shoes. To reinvent walking Clarks Shoes reinvented the walking shoe. Clarks Wave was created to allow you to walk longer and farther with less fatigue and greater comfort. The unique rocker sole conserves energy, absorbs shock and cushions your joints - so walking feels effortless.

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Results 1-6 of 6

About the Clarks WAVEWALK® Collection

The Clarks WAVEWALK® Collection is designed to make walking a pleasure. This casual collection contains technology that provides support, traction, and makes walking easier to do. Clarks walking shoes come in various styles for both men and women, and are perfect for everyday wear or even weekend hikes.

What Sets Clarks WAVE Shoes Apart

Look for the innovative curved rocker sole. This sole helps your foot roll smoothly as you walk, and reduces the impact of each step. It also helps propel you forward, making the entire action of walking seem easier.

The WAVEWALK collection also features a concave heel to absorb shock, and reduce stress on your joints. There is also extra support at the toe, so that as you walk your foot is guided to roll off the big toe to enhance the natural walking motion. This extra support really helps your feet feel comfortable, so that you’ll want to walk more and more. The Clarks WAVEWALK® collection carries the Seal of Acceptance of the American Podiatric Medical Association™.

Try a pair of Clarks WAVE shoes for the ultimate in walking comfort!

Watch this Clarks WAVEWALK video to learn more about the Clarks WAVE technology:

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