Nighttime Bunion Regulator

Unisex PediFix Nighttime Bunion Regulator

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      Product Description

      Relieve bunion pain as you sleep with the Pedifix Nighttime Bunion Regulator. Bunions are more common in women and can often be caused by frequently wearing narrow shoes. Too much pressure in the toe box of the shoe forces the big toe toward the other toes, resulting in a crooked big toe and a painful swollen bone formed bump on the outer foot. The Pedifix Nighttime Bunion Regulator unisex splint is made of synthetic materials and positions the big toe in proper alignment. Proper alignment gently stretches to tendons, enabling proper healing and toe alignment. Bunion regulators are often recommended in lieu of surgery, which may or may not relieve bunion related pain.

      Pedifix Nighttime Bunion Regulator Sizes

      • Small fits women’s shoe size 4-7.5
      • Medium fits women’s shoe size 8-10 and men’s shoe size 6-8.5
      • Large fits women’s shoe size 10+ and men’s shoe size 9+

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